British Long-length '90-Patt. Sleeping Bag. Olive.


Genuine British 'arctic' surplus sleeping bag - aka bouncing bomb.

High quality military grade man-made filling.

Two sizes are available - this is for a 'large/long' bag.

Issued from the 1990's to the 2,000's when the pattern changed and the sleep system went modular.

Designed for professional soldiering, so weight and robustness are at the top end.

The '90 has a long heavy-duty central zip with two inside mesh pockets, ideal for storing / drying stuff plus 2 sets of 'idiot' loops....

All 'bags have been previously issued so may have names and/or numbers written on. This does not affect the performance of the 'bag.

All 'bags have been fully QC'c and graded for condition, and come with an individual grading marker - identifying maker, year of manufacture, size, along with full grading & condition details (in E-code!).

Comes complete with a x-matched-for-grade compression sack.

Two sizes are available - this is for a 'large/long' bag.

Medium - suiting height up to 5' 6"
Large -  suiting height up to 6'

Height ranges given to be used as a guide only, as sleeping positions vary.

Length: gross; 80"
Width: gross;  32"


Grading guide:

Grade 2: Well used / patched / repaired, so may have lost some loft and/or insulation. 
Grade 1: Good all-rounder. Fully checked and ready to go. 
Super: Best 'bag available with top patina.

Olive Green
Weight: 3300 g
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Price: £35.95