British Moorland Cam Net. 10' x 10'. Browns/Olives

One of our most popular cam nets. Great for making a hide or covering up stuff! This moorland / woodland themed netting is cut from our new grade stock so suitable for use inside the home and is very popular for decking out a youngsters bedroom! The foliage / leafy stuff - covers approx. 60% of the net and has 4 colour elements, 1 x clay-brown 1 x dark mocha-brown and 2 shades of our olive friends! Great for a moorland / woodland environment!
This is for one net, cut to 10' x 10' - 3.00mts x 3.00mts approx.
Equivalent cost per square foot: £0.28.
We also offer a cut-to-size service. Please ring or e-mail to order.

D.P.M - WL
100% Nylon
Price: £27.95
Dimensions: 10 ft × 10 ft × 0 ft