British M.V.P X-T Bivi Bag. Olive.

Olive green sleeping bag cover - aka bivi bag - made from moisture vapour permeable fabric (a waterproof and breathable material from new) all graded for condition and priced accordingly.
This is the wide-mouthed (X-T) version, having an entry opening of approx. 110cm.
Grade 2: Generally poor condition. Suffering from typical genre ailments. No warranty.
Grade 1: All-round reasonable condition. Suffering from minor genre ailments. No warranty.
Grade Super: Excellent all-round reasonable condition. Fully checked and qc'd. Reasonable warranty - ring for availability.

Olive Green
Dimensions: 250 cm × 110 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 900 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £21.95