British Shelter Sheet GS. W/L D.P.


Genuine issue (woodland pattern) shelter sheet - aka basha / tarp / poncho.

Made from high quality sil-nylon fabric - a totally waterproof material from new - generously sized and makes a great shelter to comfortably accommodate one person.

Plenty of dangly bits too for hanging or fold in half to make a stretcher!

Grade 2: Generally poor condition with various patch/repairs required. Best suited as a weather cover only. Suffering from typical genre ailments. No warranty.

Grade 1: All-round reasonable condition with various marks/blemishes. Suffering from minor genre ailments. Limited warranty.

Supergrade: Top grade with reasonable warranty.

D.P.M - D
100% Nylon
Dimensions: 240 cm × 210 cm × 0 cm
Weight: 1000 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £12.95