British Sleep Mat. 'New/Secs'. Special Offer!


OK, now here's your chance to grab one of our 'hand picked' 'new/very slight seconds' MoD sleeping mats.

These are priced to sell and this offer gets you a new mat for the same / less price than selected used grades!


Fantastic quality 4/5 season sleep mat - ideal cadets / camping / yoga etc.

'New-secs'* condition, per MoD spec. so extremely robust with good residual values.

And they're even made in the U.K!


You won't be disappointed!

Length: 190cm
Width: 57 - 60cm approx.



* May have very minor imperfections which will not detract from the usability of the mat.

Olive Green
P.F Foam
Dimensions: 1900 mm × 600 mm × 10 mm
Weight: 600 g
List price: £0.00
Price: £12.95