Cz. (Gen-2) Wool Head-Over. Modified. Dk. Khaki.

Stop Press! Size matters....

A really superb and useful part of your winter head wear - with an Endy twist!

After many requests from buyers of this extremely popular item we've had our seamstress reduce the length, as the full 40" can bunch up around the neck....

Now coming in at a very respectable 19"!

....can be worn in a multitude of ways - on the head / over the head / as a neck warmer / balaclava etc.........this is the earlier generation with an all-wool content. 

We've picked only the very best of our stock for this mod....

Very versatile and comes highly recommended!

Check out its full-length cousin (and a bit more Endy-bumpf (!) here!


Cz. Rep.
Khaki - Dark
N.A.T.O ref: 
Dimensions: 19 in × 8 in × 0 in
Price: £4.95