Czechoslovakian Wood Tool/Storage Box. Olive.

A superb quality old-skool ultra sturdy large-sized wooden box.

Wood, sorry, would make a great storage solution for your tools/camp kit/gear in general!

Hinged and chained for stability when open with '2+2' handles for easy transport.

A really robust piece ok kit....

Excellent grade 1+ condition.

Width: 31"

Depth: 23"

Height: 11"

Contents not included - apart from a lil' splash of 'eau-de-Endy'!

Endy note!

Quote from customer Steve H who bought one of our Cz boxes:

"Order received safe & sound - thanks. Re: the Czech wooden boxes, I don't know how many you have to shift but in case you need a selling point, they fit perfectly in the back of a Landy as a discrete storage box!

Kind regards
Olive Green
Cz. Rep.
Price: £29.95