Dutch (Gen-1) C-Sting Rucksack. D.P.M.


Stop Press: Side pouches for this genre are now available, see here!


Another superb product from our Dutch friends!

This ruck has three main genre, the military-issued (gen-1 and gen-2) and the civilian variant.

The 'C' (contract) military-issue sting 'pack has a massive following, ideal as your go-to load-carry with build-quality and durability virtually unmatched.

Everything is screwed together properly and shouldn't (ever) let you down.

Even the internal seams are bound-over to ensure strength and durability, unlike some other 'major' BBBbrands....

The C-Sting has lots of molle-based straps so add-ons are easy.

Plus, facility for extra capacity via the addition of side pouches - note; the gen-1 has a #10 zip-down configuration*.

Back support is via 2 removable ally staves.

Back length: 56cm - gross.

Capacity: 55lts approx.

Plus, don't forget we can 'fix and repair' (often free of charge) should you manage to break it.........


* we will be adapting these to offer a zip-up configuration, do email for current availability.

Note: the M-T.P pouch is shown for reference purposes only, and is not included.


Stop Press: Side pouches for this genre are now available, see here!

D.P.M - WL
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Dimensions: 30 cm × 23 cm × 70 cm
Price: £32.95