Dutch (Gen-1) C-Sting Rucksack. Meal Deal. D.P.M.


Note: this is a web exclusive deal and is not available in store.


OK, here we have an excellent deal courtesy of Mister E!

We've teamed one of our top selling rucks along with some top selling x-matched seasonal outdoor-adventure essentials.


You get:


1 x Ruck (detailed page) per description and specs below PLUS:

2 x Dutch D.P.M Side pouches 

1 x Finnish haversack

1 x Arktis notebook cover

1 x All-weather notebook

1 x Pencil

1 x Emergency whistle


Total values:

Grade 1 package £84.35

Supergrade package £105.35


Another superb product from our Dutch friends!

This ruck has three main genre, the military-issued (gen-1 and gen-2) and the civilian variant.

The 'C' (contract) military-issue sting 'pack has a massive following, ideal as your go-to load-carry with build-quality and durability virtually unmatched.

Everything is screwed together properly and shouldn't (ever) let you down.

Even the internal seams are bound-over to ensure strength and durability, unlike some other 'major' BBBbrands....

The C-Sting has lots of molle-based straps so add-ons are easy.

Plus, facility for extra capacity via the (included in this offer) side pouches - note; the gen-1 has a #10 zip-down configuration*.

Back support is via 2 removable ally staves.

Back length: 56cm - gross.

Capacity: 55 + 16lts approx.

Plus, don't forget we can 'fix and repair' (often free of charge) should you manage to break it.........


Note; weights & measures quoted are for the ruck only.

Note; this is a web exclusive deal and is not available in store.

Another note: E-Dog NOT included!


D.P.M - WL
N.A.T.O ref: 
Dimensions: 30 cm × 23 cm × 70 cm
Price: £59.95