Endy-news.........full updates just added, and counting!!


Hi Endy readers! It's me. Man, Little Brown. I'm back! And I've just been to see Bond, James Bond....boy oh boy, do I want one of them-there Aston Martinis now!! err, back to business....okay, it’s been a little while since you've been L.B.M'd as mister E and co have been soooo busy and I’ve been on a little holiday. Mister E has also sent me away to find some new kit for the store and the web site….so I’m back (by popular demand I understand!) and here is a quick brief as to what’s a-happening in Endy-land. The web site has settled in nicely with a very diverse product range being dispatched every day since we went live back in July. Notable best sellers include mister E’s various blankets and the (just back in stock) German mountain packs. Note; all the packs come with a full warranty as to how many miles they’ll do and how many E-missions you can get out of them! Remember, we don’t pull the vwool over your eyes here at team-E!  Anyways, all that aside, we’re adding new stuff to the ‘site including over a ton (yes, a ton!) of fixtures and fittings which landed last week and Paul is currently swearing and cursing (not really!) with all the counting to be done. I had to laugh the other day as he’d counted to 24,768 press studs and I’d interrupted mid-count and he had to start again! D’oh!!  So, what else is new or coming in soon? Well we’ve just taken delivery of some genuine Arktis weatherproof all-in-one coveralls with their famous M.V.P ‘drop-liner’ so would make for an excellent winter fishing / working suit. My builder has just taken one for working on the roofs! Also back in stock, and again from Arktis, their 2.5 litre (don’t get the hump) water carriers in black, olive (limited quantity in olive flavour) and camo! We’re currently adding to our ‘latest products’ so go see what’s just landed….new lines just added include Nite Ize S-Biners, British Jungle compression sacks in olive or tan, a few undred metres of twisted rope by military contractors Cotesi, with other lines including Opinel knives, lightweight KFS sets, olive green hoodies, PCS tee shirts – ideal for cadets, used and graded genuine U.S sea sack / duffel bags, British M-T.P UBACS shirts, a really decent Cz-patt poncho, and a few more 'undred IPK kits! And available soon, a fantastic value titanium (available now!) or stainless steel spork and we’ve just added to our best selling commercial heavyweight trousers which are now available in olive green flavour to a whopping 52” waist Who ate all the pies! Plus, do keep an eye out when perusing the ‘site for our special “combo deals” as all these come with endy added-value of a lucky dip (genuinely picked by an actual real-life in-store customer!) and is valued at up to £5.95!! So Endy-readers, apart from all that, there’s not a lot going on really! OK, I’m off back to the stores now to get some more grading done and I'll be whipping mister E in to shape to keep those web pages coming for you so take care and I’ll see you all soon! Kindest rearguards, your fiend, sorry, friend, L.B.M!! P.S. Many lines are yet to be added to the 'site so do feel free to call us direct to order - (01392) 433331   P.P.S. You may even see me in Las Vegas eary next year....watch this space :o)