EndyZ @ The Wilderness Gathering 2017!



Hi folks, it’s that time of year again!

We’ll be rocking up with Roger H & Co at the Bison Centre in Wiltshire to show the world (well, Somerset!) our wares and, err, entertainment!

The WG runs from Wednesday the 16th to Sunday the 20th of August.

(The show has been extended by one day due to popular demand!)

Endy-update 10-08-2017....

OK, we're all just about packed up here and ready for the off....

What's happening this year with WG & Mister E ??!!

Our famous and incredibly popular 'para cord hunt' will take place on Saturday afternoon (listen out for announcements over the tannoy) and as a new addition we'll be having an 'E-Tug-of-War' for the kidz!

Kev will also have his bell and he'll be banging it every time we have 20 or more people on the stall....when this happens, Kev will hold his flash-sale item....a bargain for just the one person. Be warned, you gotta' be quick!! Extortionately good value guaranteed!

We’ll have our usual stock plus lots of new stuff to show you.

Our packing is well under way with the Endy-kidz very, very excited (again!) and very much looking forward to catching up with friends old and new.

Mister and Misses E are also very excited and are currently have an argy-bargy as to who serves our first customer!

We’ll have our usual games and, no doubt, our (in) famous Para Cord hunt.

Oh, just one thing from me-self, please, please, PLEASE don’t throw me in the lake again! Noooooooooooo!!!!

Important note: You are welcome to book specific lines to collect on-site and we highly recommend dropping an e-mail to Kev (before 9th Aug) if you would like to order items requiring specific grades / sizes / colours / specifications etc.