Ex-Ped Fold Dry (Canoe) Bag. S/5Ltr. Olive.

A superb range of 'bags essential for any outdoor activities where wet conditions may be encountered. Great for sub-packing by utilising the different sizes for your kit & equipment - small items (socks/pants..) through to medium (cameras..), larger stuff (jackets..) and right up to the largest sizes which make for ideal rucksack liners.Very popular with military personnel.This one is Small / 5 litre volume and in olive flavour!This size would be ideal for:Jumper / large camera / utility pouch liner etc. and is shown bottom-middle of our family picture!They're made from soft-textured p.u-coated taffeta nylon (the dry bags, not the military!) and all have taped seams. The closure system rolls over and secures via a nylon side-release clip. We stock various sizes in up to two colours;Note: Deemed waterproof (10K HH) but not submersible.

Olive - Light
100% Nylon
Price: £10.25