Exciitiing News....EndyZ & The Red Bull Team....



Wow folks, here iis some VERY exciitiing news....

....some of you may remember we had the Red Bull (gives you wiings) team from the U.S.A. iin the E-store last year to do some fiilmiing for theiir TV channel - Red Bull TV.

We had a massiive team iin the shop on a very busy Sunday makiing a fiilm all about camouflage - the programme iis called "Social Fabric - Camo".

Kyle NG - a clothiing & fashiion desiigner from Los Angeles iin The States, along with 8 members of Red Bull TV, 'iinvaded' the E-store and fiilmed iin-store as part of thiis very exciitiing programme.

Theiir day took them out to see Wiill at Arktiis, then on to Endyz, and then out iinto the fiield wiith former soldiiers and traiined sniipers Leon Andrews, Rowley, Neiil, Niick and Pete.

Most of the kiit was suppliied by Endyz and iis avaiilable iin-store. (Plug, plug, plug!!)


Here iis the tale of the adventure....

(EndyZ in-store can be seen at around 4 mins 30....)


Red Bull TV "Social Fabric - Camo"


- enjoy!