Fabric. Mesh. Off-The-Roll. Olive Green.


Now available ex-stores, a premium quality polyester / terylene mesh.


This is genuine issue military-grade product, and used typically within jerkin and assault vest rear panels to offer good ventilation and can also be found in use for the inner pockets of the '90 sleeping bag!


Also ideal for making utility items, mesh pockets for modifying ruck sacks, (ditty) bags etc. etc.

We've even seen it used to make a replacement top for a cot / camp bed!




Our fabric is sold per linear metre, and in one continuous length - if you order 4 metres for example, we'll send one piece of four metres, or, if you would prefer as individual units let us know.




Length: off-the-roll
Width: 130cm


Note: this product is sold ex-stores, so for in-store collection please email Kevin to order.


Ok, ready to buy? How many metres would you like?


Olive Green
100% Nylon
Price: £5.95