Finnish Cotton-Canvas Respirator H'sack. Hand-picked.

Here's your chance to have your 'bag hand-picked by team-endy, One of our best selling gas mask bags from rapidly diminishing stock which will never be replaced / replicated in this genre. A massive choice of colour options currently available. Fantastic quality mid-sized haversack ideal for a bimble in the woods or as a work bag for your flask and sarnies. Easily takes a water bottle and ancillaries. Thick-sliced bread may be a problem though!
In order to have your personal choice of grade and colour, simply let us know your requirements / options:

Colour: choose; Browns / Coyotes / Olives
Finish: choose; Unused / Distressed / Very Distressed

e.g "Please can I have a heavily distressed-looking dark coyote colour please"
e.g "Please can I have a new-looking in dark olive colour please"

or take an endy-chance with our special lucky dip!

Lucky dip - you'll receive a top grade & quality 'bag of our choice plus a free gift worth up to £5.95. Satisfaction guaranteed!


e.g "Lucky dip please"

Simply copy and paste the "within quotes" (amend accordingly) details and add this to the 'other comments' at the checkout!

.........and we'll do our absolute best to please!

Or, for more info or clarification contact kev;

Canvas - Cotton
Price: £15.95