French ''F1'' Commando Tent. Dk.Olive.


....a.k.a. 'FRED'....what's yours called?!


Here we have a genuine French military 2 person 2-3 season tent.

Styled per traditional 'ridge' which offers a rugged and robust no-frills design.

With a single skin, twin doors and multiple venting points you'll be hard-pushed to find a better value package.

Easy set-up; unpack, lay out and peg the footprint, prop the poles, guy-up, peg, sleep.

We had a sample F1 and erected it in the Endy-wilderness (a.k.a. Kev's garden) for 4 weeks and were very impressed with the quality, build, and functionality.

In fact, the E-dogz enjoyed it as a play-pod and managed to turn it into a wrestling ring, hence 'the tent' being called Fred...."okay, dogz, let's go 'fighting' in Fred!" - this would see them zooooom out into the garden, dive through the tent door, and spend the next five minutes wrestling each other all around the tent, with lil' one (Dot-dog) flinging the other one (Roo-dog) up the walls by the ears. Bonkers!!

So, quite enough of this 'ear wafflin....

What do you get?

1 x F1  
2 x 3-sectional lightweight aluminum shock-corded poles
2 x main guy lines with tensioners
6 x skirt 
guy lines with tensioners
17 x super-sturdy galvanised pegs
1 x large storage pod
1 x small storage pod for ancillaries
1 x erection instructions - in French
0 x dogz!


Footprint; 215cm / 7' 0" x 150cm / 5' 0"
Height; 100cm / 3' 3"

Packed size; 50cm / 20" x 20cm / 8" x 12cm / 5" approx.

Weight; 3,300gms / 7lb 4oz approx.

Olive - Dark
100% Nylon
List price: £0.00
Price: £32.95