German Stainless Steel Penknife. Olive Green.

Genuine issue high quality pocket knife ex-Germany.

4 Separate 'blades' comprising of:

Bottle opener
'Screwdriver' - small flat-blade
'Spike / awl'

These PK's are German-originals and not far-eastern copies.

Makers may include:

Aitor / B&H / CCM / I CAR / TSR / Other.........

Various grades generally in stock from 'well used / dinked / damaged' condition up to our  premium grades where we have cleaned and sharpened the very best of our stock.

Grade C: Heavily damaged - suit D.I.Y spares only. No warranty whatsoever

Grade B: Damaged - suit D.I.Y spares only. No warranty whatsoever
Grade A: Intermediate damage / dinks but serviceable. No warranty
Grade 2: Heavily used with all components present / minimal damage / dinks but serviceable. 
Grade 1: Decent all-rounder
Super: Excellent all-rounder. Cleaned, sharpened & complete with saw protector

ENDY Stats;

Length; Folded 4.25" / 107mm approx.
Length; Open (gross) 7.5" / 190mm approx.
Length; Main blade 2.75" (nett) / 70mm approx.
Length; Saw bade 3.25" (nett) / 82mm approx.
Colour: Olive green scales

Important notes: Age restriction applies. By purchasing this item you are confirming you are 18 years or over. 

Please copy this notice to the "order comments" at the Checkout: "I can confirm I am over the age of 18 years".

Item will not be dispatched unless we receive this clarification. Thank you for your understanding.

Olive - Dark
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