Just La-La-Land(ed!)....We're Back From Our Buying Trip....



Okay, we've just landed from our little excursion to one of our top wholesalers!

A huge amount of goodies purchased, with our invoice showing a massive £126.90!

(OK, me finks I may have the decimal point in the rong place!), anyways....

A full list of goodies (most will be available to buy on the washing line, sorry on-line!) will follow shortly....here you go....

Blankets, British, Wool / mixed
Blankets, Serbian, Wool
Entrenching Tools, German, Tri-fold

Balaclavas, Italian, kinky, err, sorry, meant quirky
Landy Shovels, British - more stock
Cam Nets, British - special prices :O)
Utility Straps/Belts, Belgian - more stock (very popular!)
Side Pouches, Ruck Sack, Berghaus, Olive - (#8-down & #10-up) old skool!
Sleep Mats, Folding, German
Water Bottles, British / Dutch / U.S
Bivi Bags, mil-spec. O/D / D.P.M
Para Cord, British / French / South African / Italian, pukka stuff, ex-Parachute assembly,  (nearly half a ton of it!!) - lots of colours too!

....our graders are ready....

....direct 'links-to-buy' plus more items being added....