Kobra BoreSnake. 5.56. Green/Black.

Introducing the Kobra BoreSnake.

Affectionately known in the trade as 'the muts nuts' in rifle cleaning....

In this calibre it is perfect for use on the SA80, so ideally suited to our military personnel.

A guaranteed extreme clean for your rifle barrel - everything is integrated so no other accessories or third-party cleaner is required.

Kobra has an integrated 5.56 x 50mm solid barrel of externally placed brass bristles (see middle image) along with cleaner and a woven cloth - generally one pull thru and 10 seconds of your time is all it takes.

Any hard fowling and lead / carbon deps are vanished away.

Kobra is hand / machine washable so can be used repeatedly - it even comes complete with (an Endy exclusive!) a mini doby bag to protect Kobra and other washing machine contents if you pop it through the wash!

Available from our Exeter store or to buy on-line right here, right now!



Price: £10.95