Mister E's first full update for you on the new site...


Hello and welcome to mister E's July situation report! Our eagerly awaited on-line shop has been up and running for a little over a week now. We kicked it all off last Friday (the 3rd) with the new site going live at 10:30hrs. Our very first order was received at 12:50hrs - Steve W of SW2, "well done sir" - a little endy-extra was sent with your order of a German mountain pack! Feedback, in general, has been very, very positive  A few of our regulars did show a little concern as to our product range. But, rest assured, we've plenty more to come, with our clothing ranges taking considerably more time (images in particular) to add to the site. Plus, we'll be adding more product images - covering more detail of the item -  over the next few weeks too (per customer feedback - thanks Dave E!). New product will be added daily so keep checking in for updates. We're currently working on our 'survival', 'kids clothing' & 'jackets' categories  We aim to have 90% of our goodies on-line by the end of the year  Meanwhile, if there is something which is not showing on the new 'site (and you think we may have it in stock) then we have left a link direct to endy-old - this can be found on every page in the bottom left hand corner. As an item is added to endy-new it will be deleted from endy-old, if that makes sense :o)  Remember that the old site is a 'catalogue of our wares' only so you'll have to pick up the phone  Or, of course, you can call the store direct anytime, where team-e will be pleased to assist.

Over the coming weeks we'll be adding our winter kit and other popular themed products. Plus, sections dedicated to 'military' kit etc.

Here's a sample of customer feedback received so far:

"Thanks Kevin, outstanding service. Can't believe you were picking orders at 8:30 on a Friday night. Well done!" Matt E-J /  "Kevin and team, great service as usual keep it up" Jon R  /  "I love the new website, and I'm glad you've retained your friendly style! Keep up the good work!" Laurie T  /   "First order very smooth and very pleased hope you can keep it up!" James N    

Do call back soon, kind regards, Kevin