British MoD Can / Bottle Opener.


Yes! We have them!!!!


Here we have the original N.A.T.O can / bottle opener, so not to be confused with repros which tend to bend and last around eight minutes.

This product will last for years.

Not available for us to buy any more, so when these are gone, that's it!

Elf and safety notice: This device may leave a jagged edge to the item you have just opened.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever if you happen to lose a finger (or two) into the baked beans, as this, in turn, may lead to said can appearing to contain beans and sausages.


Note: if these (the openers, not the beans or sausages) are ordered on their own, they'll qualify for 'large letter' P&P so a credit will be applied accordingly.


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Price: £2.95