New Kit / Fresh Stocks / Updates....



We've recently refreshed a lot of our lines, plus have had many new additions:

Here are a few to peruse;


Genuine surplus;

Austrian 20ltr water butts - just landed and in our grading areas

British infantry rucks in olive long back & short back

British side pouches in olive

British side pouches in M-T.P

British arctic socks 'red ring'

British cam netting - acres of it!

British I.P.K / ancillaries pegs, sheets, cord, pegs + cord

British 90-patt sleeping bags

British ammo boxes - bigger selection / ring store 

Dutch Day sacks in coyote - just landed and in our grading areas

Dutch ISO-mats

Dutch stainless steel cups 

Dutch water bottles 

German scissors

Swiss tent pegs

U.S poncho liners