New stock arriving / just landed...



Genuine ex-military surplus stocks just landed and ready to E-buy - clicky;

British M-T.P bivi bags  - brand new
British small sil-nylon insertion sacks - brand new
British large sil-nylon insertion sacks - brand new
Swiss 20ltr water bladder
Swiss tent pegs 
U.S billy sets 
U.S tent ropes / guy lines 
German moleskin field trousers - originals - ready now. Ring store.

Genuine ex-military surplus arriving soon.

Belgian ponchos* - JUST LANDED
Belgian olive field / combat jackets - used/graded  JUST LANDED
British braces - new; large / long sizes
British chest webbing - new and used/graded  JUST LANDED 
British grey wool blankets - original ex-MoD bales in stock soon
British olive wool sleeping bag liners - used/graded  JUST LANDED 
Czech' black combat boots  JUST LANDED
German moleskin field trousers* (rare originals) - used/graded  JUST LANDED 
German moleskin shorts** - used/graded  JUST LANDED 
German moleskin heavyweight field shirt / jacket - new  JUST LANDED 
German parka's - rare original field grey  JUST LANDED 
German ponchos - JUST LANDED 
Serbian Wool blankets - all genres JUST LANDED 
Swedish can openers - JUST LANDED

** cut-downs from rare original field trousers - the only surplus shorts we need..

Commercial stock just landed and ready to E-buy - clicky;

Belgian-styled overhead smocks* - updated web page


Commercial stock arriving soon:

Shemaghs - new colours  JUST LANDED