Now, if 'EndyZ' were a bottle of wine, what would it be?




mmmmmmmmm, interesting question, how about this....


....a wonderful blend of army surplus combats, mixed with a subtle selection of specially selected blankets from the wholesaler, all with a fantastic mothball-infused aroma on the nose.

Nothing austere here you see....

The wickedly priced pouches, straps and high-leg boots are securely balanced on the racks next to the hip pads and delicately scented socks.

A superb and complex bottle to open, err, sorry, shop to browse, with fantastic knowledge and enthusiasm from their 80 year vintage.

With all the surplus expertly graded for quality control, and all stored cool and horizontally for ease of serving.

A crisp, elegant and, quite possibly, the perfect partner for military personnel, cadets, work folk, ten tors peeps and around 13.5% of the population of the lush, velvety, rolling hills of Exeter!


Please consume within 2 weeks of opening....



And at just £9.99 a bottle!


Need Surplus? We've Got It Sorted!