Oh yes! Our first endy news on the new web site!


A very, very warm welcome to the brand new Endicotts Army Surplus web site!
We are now live and invite you to have a good look around our store to see what it's all about. We're still very much under construction with new products being added every day so do call back regularly to check out any new kit we have made available. We have lots of specials and combo deals within categories all aimed to give fantastic value. Plus, we've lots of new features to follow, including a forum section.
A whole new endy-experience awaits you.........very exciting! Do call back soon.........and feel free to call the store direct if a product is not currently available or if further guidance is required - Store (01392) 433331.

Obviously, (CONSTRUCTIVE!) feedback about the new site - positive or negative - is always appreciated in order to help us move forward.........to service you!
And finally, my sincerest thanks to Steve for all his help and expertise in putting it all together and to my good friend, Jon Mac, for all his hard work with the photography. Thanks guys - big drinks coming your way!
OK, team-E here we go.........enjoy!