Probes. Hobby & Craft / Military. Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel Probes.

Ideal for many applications, including precision scraping and shaping.

Perfect for model craft and a must for Military personnel’s weapons cleaning and maintenance kits. 

We’ve a fantastic range, with many head profiles to choose from.

With a total of 12 designs - 3 x single and 9 x double ended - we’re sure to have the shape for you.

Sold individually.

Simply nominate the # required in the orders comments box.

Copy/paste as necessary:

“Please can I have Probe/s # (add in Probe number/s you would like to order)”

These can be sent as a ‘large letter’ for postage, so a part refund for any overpayment would follow by return – or call the Store direct (01392) 433331.

Length: 6" / 15cm approx.




Steel - Stainless
Price: £1.95