S.O.S (Save Our Surplus!)....



S.O.S: Save Our Surplus! (video below!)....

Now, this is interesting….

Our exceptionally good friend Neil from Greencraft has been an excellent customer for several decades.

Neil popped into our Exeter store on Saturday and purchased some bits and pieces, including a couple of our German PK’s, Arctic Sox along with some other kit….

Neil left the store a happy chappy and that, so we thought, was that.

But NO!

Neil dropped a line a couple of days ago and said he had done something “interesting”!

Having been in the trade for 30+ years and the business – ENDICOTTS - established another 50 on top of that, I can name you, quite quickly, 10 A.S stores which have vanished from our streets in the last 5 years.

(In fact, we have purchased the stock from 3 of these!)

There are many, many reasons for this: the very nature of ‘change’, difficulty in obtaining the (then) taken-for-granted-back-in-the 80’s-surplus-stock-items, the internet, overheads, wrong ‘niche’ and on, and on, and on….

So, with Neil’s permission, here is a fantastic little vid with his take on what he ‘sees’….

Well, here you go (as Neil says) “Save Our Surplus”!

P.S A personal note to Neil from all at EndyZ:

Absolutely fantastic Neil, great vibe, some great ‘tongue-in-cheek’ one-liners, and, I’m sure from this, you are going to be a superstar (if you aren’t already)!!

Hollywood awaits….

….and here is Neil’s video….