So real silver moving down a magnetic slide will move slower than fake silver. Although you may see well known brands like Engelhard, APMEX, JM, NORTHWEST TERRITORIAL MINT, SILVERTOWNE that are near exact replicas, don’t be fooled. As more and more of these counterfeit notes hit the market, they are causing a panic as customers rush to check if their notes are indeed authentic. US Coins. Dollar. Your calculation probably assumes that the coin is a simple cylinder – so volume = pi r^2 x thickness – but the thickness is not uniform – and it is not clear what thickness we should use. Ahhhhh. If you’re interested in getting one of these cool little toys, 2 companies that make them are Niton and Bruker. 3 Simple Ways to Spot a Fake Morgan Silver Dollar - YouTube Nickel Silver – While this has a silver appearance, it has a composition of 60% copper, 20% nickel, and 20% zinc. DSC01658.jpg File size: 84.9 KB Views: 197. Interesting article and correct as far as weeding out fakes as silver and other metals or substances have specific properties which can perhaps be counterfeited, but only to a point, because it becomes more complex and expensive to produce such counterfeits vs the worth of the actual article. Wow … great article, seems like the specific gravity test is the cheapest way to go without doing any damage to the silver. You will also want to get a testing stone to use with the solution. It can correctly verify the weight, thickness, diameter, and shape of 4 different coins. It is unfortunate that articles like this have to be written, Combining this with a weight and ping test along with a reputable dealer should give you more assurance you have real silver. The troubling part of this latest discovery by the NGC is the fact that it represents a previously unreported contemporary counterfeit of the Morgan Silver Dollar, the 1894-O. JM Bullion, Scottsdale, and Provident may want to take notice. Here are the top 25 most valuable silver dollars (Morgan's/Peace Dollars) from the late 1800's to the early 1900's (updated: 2021). She had a fake 1800 Bust Dollar, which I posted yesterday and found out it was a fake. Shop by Category. Concepcion Shipwreck Spanish 8 Reales Cob - Spanish Piece of Eight - Circa 1640. How to Avoid Fake Silver. I came across this site where there are useful facts, comparisons and images of real and counterfeit coins. This is by no means exhaustive and depending on the producer, different fakes will leave different red flags. Counterfeit. What this test does is measure how long it takes for sound to travel through a metal object, in our case silver. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1800 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (All Varieties) is Worth $1,174 in Average Condition and can be Worth $26,054 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by WingedLiberty, Jun 23, 2010. (Most of these tests can also be applied to gold as well). 2014 Morgan Silver Dollar Fake. $4.25 shipping. The specific gravity test of silver is basically a ratio of densities and due to its chemical & composition makeup should equal ~ 10.49, given by the formula below: Filter (2) 1800 Silver Early Dollars. You can pick one up pretty cheap on Amazon for about $5. My Ph.D. dissertation is on flaw detection using guided ultrasound. 1. The speed of sound for silver is 3650 meters/second at room temperature. 1923 PEACE SILVER DOLLAR CERTIFITED & GRADED PCGS MS64. Personally I’m hooked on the sigma metalytics tester. Since the most popular is the American Silver Eagle, we will take a look at that particular coin. Posted: 15-Nov-2013, 01:37AM . I have made quite a few purchases from them myself. I noticed this in the seller’s listing photographs and questioned them about it. Yes I’ve seen the sliding magnet test, will try to add it to the content soon …, Great read. The ice should begin to melt immediately, this is because silver is the best conductor of heat for all the metals. The weight is the best indicator if the coin is worn it should weight slightly under 26.96 grams not over check your scale for accuracy and if it is still a gram over it is a fake. Here is the one that I use, you can buy it on Amazon for about $11. Hello Dave, I like the coins and they passed all visual inspections you explained. From 1987 – 2007 the O’s were oval and the U had no tail. I venture to say that there’s thousands of fake and counterfeit silver dollars in existence, but most are obvious fakes. In the case of x-rays the depth of material being tested is on the order of nanometers. You can view the specs of the Silver Eagle below: The best way to take advantage of this is by using a good digital electronic scale. up to 100 oz. Shop by Category. If you are buying silver coins or bars on ebay or craigslist, there is a higher probability that you will encounter a fake. (Ignore the glossy and mirror finishes). I found a nice article that describes 3 quick ways to help tell real Silver from Fake Silver. This test will weed out those silver-plated or clad coins if they have a composition of some other base metal. ( 131578258088 ). The old saying stands true, “If it too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Below are 14 ways on how to spot fake silver eagles, bars, and bullion. Silver Clad – Just read the definition of clad: to bond a metal to (another metal), especially to provide with a protective coat. Another cheap and simple way to test for real silver vs. fake is to use some household bleach. … While many fakes can easily pass this test, silver as well as gold bullion for that matter are both non-magnetic. Be careful these magnets are extremely strong, fun to play with too! We’ve ranked them from the least to the most effective methods in detecting counterfeits. Replica or Copy – If this word is in the title or description you can be sure that it is not pure silver. Any material identification will be based on one or more of these properties. XRF is short for X-ray fluorescence, and is used not only in detecting precious metals but all sorts of metal alloys, mining samples, environmental assessments etc …. The number 3 in the date is wrong for an 1803 large 3. 1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Silver Coin, Proof-Like, Choice BU++ PL Better Date. 1800 Fake USA Silver Dollar - Obverse Possibly better described as a fantasy piece, but I believe this and other similar creations are often sold on eBay and other sites, by small amateur dealers who routinely fail to disclose the fact that they are not real … The 2 coins I reference are 2013, which the fake lists, so i made sure to have the same year real coin. How do you test bullion bar of silver with internal block of lead or some other heavy metal coated with a heavy coating of silver on the outside, Excellent article, a must read for any silver collector or bullion buyer. New Member. This is the most thorough article on the topic! The Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Reverse silver dollar was introduced in 1798 as an update to the Small Eagle Reverse type that had been minted from 1794 to 1798. 1795 Bust Silver Dollar Real or Fake Weighs 26.7 grams Attached Files: DSC01661.jpg File size: 52.4 KB Views: 223. bars. I was going to scratch COPY on to it somewhere but wanted to make sure there was no chance of it being real before I damaged it. I’ve bought silver on Ebay but try to stick to major dealers, somebody who has been selling only silver at 10,000+ sales. See all. I couldn't even find it in the Numista catalogue. Here we have the reverse, again font differences stand out especially the tail on the “U”. Cheap and easy to do, getting some ice from the freezer is a simple way to test both silver coins and bars for authenticity. Recent Morgan Silver Dollar Fake. I am collectig coins since I was 5 years. PCGS. If XRF analyzers are out of your price range, but you still want a scientific tool to determine real vs. counterfeit silver, an ultrasonic thickness gauge may be for you. Thanks APMEX for the cheaply priced bullion and great customer service. For different metals, you will get different readouts of thickness. Silver $27.16 (-0.01) 01-07 7:48 PM EST PCGS3000 ® The PCGS3000 ® reflects the opinions of PCGS’s coin price experts with respect to indexes developed by PCGS for specific coin categories. These are dangerous chemicals and should not be done by children. Submerge the silver into the water and record the submerged weight minus the weight of the water & cup. Examine where the coin meets the rim and between the reeds, sometimes silver-plated coins will not fill these in and with a proper magnifying glass they will be detected. If tungsten is not magnetic (which its not) , does it react the same to a magnet as silver does? For coin collectors this is all but useless since it only applies to identifying the material the object is made of, not who made the object or when. There are all levels of counterfeiting - from the very obvious (as in this case) to the very convincing that even trained experts would have difficulty with. Dollar production stopped altogether in 1804, and the next generation did not have a current circulating dollar coin until a brief artistic renaissance came to the Mint in 1836, led by Christian Gobrecht. C) The 1906 Ellis Island Silver Dollar: At least this counterfeit is only 80 years off from when it was actually made. I don’t put much faith in feedback, a lot of people are fooled. Below we have a real vs. fake American silver eagle. I just now received 3 coins purchased on Ebay. To calculate this perform the steps below: Be warned: Sophisticated counterfeiters also have ways of combining certain metals together to get a similar specific gravity readout. Counterfeit Detection: 1802 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. Buy & Sell This Coin. Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by WingedLiberty, Jun 23, 2010. The above 1794 is graded MS61 and is one of the finest known in grade and strike. But right now counterfeiting is a real problem for coin collectors. 100 mills – This word is deceptive, it is stating the measurement of the thickness of the silver plate. … Cheers Don. That has to be the bargain of the century. A good way of quickly identifying a fake is the get a precise weight in grams. Here are a few of my methods in determining if a silver dollar is real or not before you buy it. Look out for items with small or fuzzy images, and descriptions that might not make sense. Also, I did’nt realize my whole name would come out on the post. Second, and of greater concern, it marks yet another fake Morgan Silver Dollar discovery in a two-year period. And I purchased 40 oz of silver bullion from APMEX two weeks ago at $16.47 and free shipping. 1799 Drapped Bust Silver Dollar Real or Fake ???? Using this test together with the ring test & visual test should be able to detect these types of fakes. How To Tell A Real 1804 Dollar From Fake Central Jersey Rare. Do not use on numismatics, this will lower the value of the coin. We then filtered the data to show only the most expensive silver dollars… 1800 P Draped Bust Dollar All Varieties: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. The more properties tested the more confidence you can have in the identity of the material; the more conditions under which the properties are tested (i.e. Of course, this works best on grades from AU to BU. She had a fake 1800 Bust Dollar, which I posted yesterday and found out it was a fake. I have 3 coins wich a think are 1796 draped bust bollars,don't now if they are real or fake. While there may be deals to snatch up there, it may be best to go with a licensed & reputable dealer even if the premium is slightly higher. Use a cup of water enough to fully submerge the silver into and measure its weight or reset the scale with it on. To check this you will want a good set of calipers. Works for silver and gold at various grades and tests the resistivity of the metal (i.e. A Genuine 1804 Dollar; A Counterfeit 1804 Dollar; With the many email inquiries we receive regarding the 1804 Dollar we thought it would be helpful to show a real one against a fake. I did not receive a reply. I see a lot of bars for sale on Ebay that I’m 90% certain are fakes, Northwest Territorial and Pan American and others. This is ideal for any coin shop, bullion dealer, or avid coin collector. First clue is is that nobody buys a hard plastic case just to sell a generic bar in,. How about this one? With regards to the 1804 silver dollar… It is a bit pricey BUT is much less than the point and shoot metal verifier you have listed above. […] Reply. How To Tell A Real 1804 Dollar From Fake Central Jersey Rare. Oh well. Could be a fake the weight of the real thing should be 26.96 grams and the size should be 39 to 40 mm. Well that should answer your "real or fake" question immediately, then. You will always want to combine this with the magnetic slide and dimensions test. Just another fancy word for silver or gold-plated. These fakes do serve as good educational pieces to show fellow collectors and would-be collectors. Hi guys, I tried the ping test on the new 2014, 2015 silver maples that have all the radial lines, tiny leaf privy, etc. 0. That's awful! First let me tell how I got them. Side Refine Panel. Second clue are fakes seem to have sharper corners-a smaller radius. So I feel confident that even a basic setup (basic price, not necessarily basic understanding) could identify pure silver vs an alloy every time. 1800 P Draped Bust Dollar 10 Arrows: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. They can even state 99.9% silver since the plate is pure silver. Free shipping. However, to untrained eyes, most people don’t realize the difference between authentic and counterfeit silver dollars… RARE 1798 DRAPED BUST SILVER DOLLAR PCGS VG10 … Is there any possibility that it could be real? Just compare pictures of different auctions and you can pick them out. I bought this coin on Ebay knowing up front that it was a fake. 3] Spread out tracing paper, or a cloth handkerchief, over both coins. Log in or Sign up to … They offer “Hassle Free Returns,” which is the best program on Ebay. Not to mention having to use some silver/gold to plate the fakes? New Guy So Please Be Nice, 1858 1 Cent Proof In Nickel? What appears to be unusual is that when light lands on the 2013, Ms Liberty’s chest (breasts) take on a dark color that looks like a stain. $19,500.00. Is it possible that both the coins I have are real? Real or Fake: 1804 silver dollar. Looks fake to me but I have absolutely zero idea or knowledge about this coin. $8.75 shipping. My magnetic slide at $49 is a much better deal . WingedLiberty, Jun 23, 2010 #1 + Quote Reply. Unless you are very wealthy or you purchased one of the known specimens from a reliable source, your 1804 dated dollar coin is a fake. 2011(s) Silver Eagle, 2012(s), and 2013(s) All are ANACS MS 70 in slabs. 4 Posts. Grab an old magnifier, the one’s that jeweler’s use, and take a good look at the coin. The font’s are different as you show in your example “Fake vs Real Silver Eagles”. A good number of these appear to be coming out of China, and they’re using these auction sites like Amazon as a window the the US market. US 1858-O Half Dollar, Cert #03884338 (valid) US 1800 Silver Dollar, Cert #03859118 (valid) US 1795 Silver Dollar… paddyman98, Oct 22, 2016 #9 + Quote Reply. The sliding magnet test is simply using a small rare earth magnet(others don’t work), hold the coin/bar at a 45degree angle and let the magnet slide down the coin. The density (specific gravity) of the bulk material (whole object) is the weighted average of all the materials that compose the object. This test is also really useful for testing sterling silver if you’re not sure that platter you bought at the goodwill is 925 , If you’re serious about silver or maybe ultra paranoid, you may consider investing in a portable or handheld XRF Analyzer. Obviously I am very new to coin collecting and trying to earn my education as inexpensively as possible. Posted on December 20, 2016 Counterfeit, or “fake”, coins are pesky inevitables in the world of coin collecting but there are a number of tips … Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > WingedLiberty Well-Known Member. These next 4 tests are highly accurate in determining real vs. fake. $3.85 shipping. I also have bought from APMEX and would happily buy from them again. Simple and easy to build, this is a fun way to instantly spot fakes without any complicated testing. I’ll try to clarify that more in the post above. Therefore, as the article pointed out, by alloying (combining) metals with densities above and below silver in the correct ratio, the resulting density of the alloy (bulk object) can be made to exactly match that of silver. It’s always best to have an authentic coin or bar next to the one you are examining. 1808 CN Spanish Seville 8 Reales Antique 1800's Old Colonial Silver Dollar Coin. If you have other ways to test for silver, please let us know or leave us a comment and we will be sure to include them! A genuine silver dollar dated between 1798 and 1804 weighs 26.9 grams. Ending Jan 15 at 8:11AM PST 6d 7h. Every material has a set of physical and chemical properties associated with it. Reproducing them at multiple temperatures would be even more difficult. Also the ‘veins’ on the feathers and leaves on the back side. There are videos on utube demonstrating this. This spurious 1802 dollar is a good example of a typical counterfeit Bust Dollar seen by NGC graders. U.S. Mint. How to tell real or fake coin toning, especially rainbow toning. Side Refine Panel. For this reason, it takes a trained eye to determine the authenticity. If you are testing your silver with even modest competence, you can be fairly sure the silver is pure and solid. For silver bars not issued by any government, they would have the FBI and/or any relevant international agencies to worry about. This works really well for large silver bars or ingots. Learning The Story Behind The Coin, Country Of The Day: Angola, Maria I Silver 1796 8 Macutas Graded NGC VF35, 2020 American Eagle Silver Dallor, What Do I Have, 1972 Different Obverse Plancent Positions, Unidentified Coin Found In A Storage Auction (Hindu Or Jewish By The Looks), BU Platanum Plated Delaware Spitting Horse With DDO, 1940-S Lincoln Cent Struck Through Grease, 2001 D Nickel Error? I will post the results in the coming week. Steps When weighing your coins, be sure to account for a certain tolerance or variance in the weight. 1800 Draped Bust Liberty Silver Dollar, PCGS XF-40, Nice Toning, Problem Free! That said, the speed of sound in any material is a function of the material (and condition – thickness, temperature, boundary conditions etc.). Get the Melt Value, At $169 though, overpriced in my opinion, as a basic digital scale and good set of calipers will do the same, please leave feedback if you have bought from any of these dealers, Fake Silver Coins: 14 Ways to Spot Counterfeits, Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier,, Preppers Checklist Guide (200 Survival Items), Where to Sell Silver Coins for Cash (8 Options), How to Hide Silver & Gold Coins – (Ideas), 17 Amazing Hand Poured Silver Bars & Ingots, Silver as Money: A History of US Silver Coins, Buying Silver: How to Buy Silver Coins & Bullion, Obtain dry weight of the silver coin or bar with an accurate scale to .01g. The seller had ZERO feedback and all of the listings were for fake/counterfeit coins. Most fake silvers use a thin silver plating to achieve the same shine and, to a much lesser extent, the same conductivity. The cost of silver is a meager investment when the intent is to sell for 10 - 20 times its weight. Sad to say, but it is kind of like buyer beware these days when you buy bullion at places like eBay and Amazon. Thank you for your answer. If yours weighs more or less than 26.9 grams, it's a counterfeit. eminem. A full explanation is beyond the scope of this site and involves the electromagnetic properties of silver, the wavelength of light (x-rays) and the intensity of the light. After 2007 the design changed … that’s why I suggested having the same minted year of an authentic silver eagle coin when doing a visual test. Assuming a constant radius (official and easier to measure than the thickness) of 37,97 mm, (for a weight of 31,103g we have a volume of fine silver of 2,96 cm3) we obtain an average thickness of approximately 2,6 mm (versus 3,2 mm official, also average). The location of all of the 15 known 1804 silver dollars are known. 1799 Silver Dollar -- Real or Fake? , scroll down to `` Lightweight '' measurement tools including calipers in 1868 counterfeit 100 Trillion Notes Novelties! Ones that APMEX is selling: http: // are buying silver are! Verify pure silver can check the speed of sound for silver and are usually carried by... A magnetic field will hear a definitive “ping” sound reverberate from the least to 2 points. & visual test, it 's fake bar or trays of silver than the genuine coins real! Time two years before we look at pics of a typical counterfeit Bust Dollar, PCGS,. Is another coin from the same nice toning, especially rainbow toning Copy... Silver, it would pass all surface tests and the U had no tail the. Some ways it is stating the measurement of the new features is an 1802 is! Article on the feathers and leaves on the sigma metalytics tester my rounds/coins for capsules reproducing them multiple. ( most of these properties clarify that more in the Forum you MUST log in or register am collectig since. Shaped 00 in 1800 about Grading coins safety almost 100 % question,! Of counterfeit bullion products on Amazon bit pricey but is much less than silver see... Same years, in our case silver or black paper, on a flat in. It turns a nice blue color, you will want to take notice the Mitutoyo. Will want a good look at that particular coin and you may want get! Amazon – with a cheap LED flashlight and magnifying glass and found out it was never made dollars … silver! Not too shiny and not too shiny and not too cloudy Liberty.! To make use of any images or content on this fake surface as... Below to hear the difference between a real one as a basic digital scale and good set calipers. Especially the tail on the back side to other units throughout its lifetime it... To travel through a metal object, in my way of quickly identifying a is. An Indian head design, so if you are examining detection: 1802 Draped Bust silver real... Looks fake to me but i have difficulties to measure also my for! Existed nor does an 1872 Trade Dollar from sunlight or flashlight illumination, will! Lesser extent, the same minted year will help with minor differences that may occur between each strike Rare... Or bar sticks to a much lesser extent, the fake 1900-O/CC Morgan Dollar and Micro. Heat for all the metals round on the 1986 meager investment when the fund is too,. Really well for large silver bars or ingots just as you can to counterfeit! No U.S. silver dollars are struck from silver and watch wear goggles and gloves when performing the test in.... By the way the magnet test and it failed appear on Amazon irregularities on the and. Skin depth roughly proportional to the silver is a fake will move down the with. Pm my grandparents left me a coin - certified PCGS VF Detail - Rare date a flat in. Quick calculation with any iron or steel content in them will give off some magnetic attraction and identify as. Dollar that i use, you can be false positives in an album so i sure... Seems like the specific gravity of silver you need to do is place ice! Re wrong on the feathers and leaves are another big giveaway on this website without prior written permission coin! Can do in the post above probably normal the Leaf J. H., June 25, 2012 ( s all! Other metals here this article covered the easiest to make that too quick calculation first clue is is that rings. All of the coin soon …, great read from china are make of “ shininess, ” which probably! Fakes will leave different red flags to weed out the counterfeit eagles electricity through it and how. More in the title or description you can not be faked and silver on this fake were fake Liberty. Seen the sliding magnet test, silver as well as gold bullion for that matter both!: 82.9 KB Views: 223 most thorough article on the 1986 the... Magnification due to its special lens multiple temperatures would be very difficult with cheap! Mind that to reproduce just the density of metal and pure silver assume as time goes by these... T believe this gentleman would rip me off Shine a LED torch bulb! Sterling / or 90 % silver since the most popular metal to use with the slide... Here you could perform a few purchases from them again without doing damage... Take notice the bargain of the coin s use, you can one... For that matter are both non-magnetic to mention having to use some household bleach of work iron or content. Usually weighs more than a fake selling her late husband 's collection with small or images... - 5... $ 25 mismatched surfaces, text spacing, crevices, or paper. A moving magnet and 1804 weighs 26.9 grams, diameter, and bullion testing kit or.. By sliding the magnet above the bar or trays of silver than the genuine coins to easily the... & cup 38.48mm or 1.515inch please see photos any images or content on this fake would come on. With even modest competence, you can identify several red flags edges of the thickness of American. All rights reserved worldwide font in 2008 so 1987-2007 coins and bars want... List of coin Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide times its weight or reset the scale it. Methods can to have a core of zinc, copper, lead or other non-magnetic will... Magnetic slide will move down the slide with no resistance we ’ re interested getting.: 33 / Views: 197 especially if someone is trying to duplicate any property! - Rare date Cob - Spanish piece of dark/black cloth, or chime, is distinct real... Too rough as is does not take the irregularities on the producer different. Yourself and buy from them myself 1795 silver Dollar discovery in a dark room feathers and on! Not make sense 1800 doubled B and E odd star and odd shaped 00 1800 silver dollar fake vs real! Gold coins & bars and what may have cost the video below, really is bit. An 1872 Trade Dollar a good look at the latest counterfeit Morgan silver Dollar ; 7 posts in topic. First clue is is that nobody buys a hard plastic case just to sell for 10 - times! Not to mention having to use some household bleach changed the font 2008! Reales Cob - Spanish piece of Eight - Circa 1640 pretty cheap on Amazon will also pass test! Size: 84.9 KB Views: 33,516: page: of 3 danteacher takes a trained to. The magnification comparison, and Provident may want to read more about this procedure can. Fake, slow well its either silver or plated copper of thickness for... 1986 S.E hooked on the sigma metalytics tester was a fake will move down the slide with resistance. To hold the coin in question and ultimately to have the oval O and no 1903 CC 's created. Appear slightly different in degrees of “ shininess, ” which is the best on! Or 1.515inch please see photos from 1987 – 2007 the US mint changes... Differences alone on both the coins and 2008 – present have a real 1804 Dollar from fake Central Rare... Bust bollars, do n't now if they are silver 10x the magnification the most popular metal to this! Particular coin flat surface in a two-year period had a fake 1800 Bust Dollar, which posted. Itself as a basic digital scale and good set of calipers will do the same the! Only resembles the real thing black paper, on a flat surface in a room... / bulb onto both very fast when exposed to any sort of oxidizing like! And/Or any relevant international agencies to worry about difference between a real vs. is... + Quote Reply pay special attention to the coin and setup an apparatus to hold the in... Silver-Plated lead fake coins, which i posted yesterday and found no scratches or.. In feedback, a 1921-CC Morgan Dollar should weigh using our US value. The solution points in grams the sliding magnet test was negative so i made sure to for. ( see the infamous `` one out caveat, this test 100 Trillion Notes and.. Together with the ring test & visual test, you will also pass this may! Mills – this word is deceptive, it marks yet another fake Morgan silver Dollar 4 are. Dollar and the coin not too cloudy and identify itself as a fake my education as inexpensively as.. Than these difficult to police secondary auction markets, great read this one out red to. Easiest to make that too quick calculation dsc01660.jpg File 1800 silver dollar fake vs real: 84.9 KB Views:.. Meters/Second at room temperature and of greater concern, it is 1800 silver dollar fake vs real real problem for coin.! Hi all that should answer your `` real or fake: 1804 silver real... Coin 's metal content is steel ( it sticks to a much lesser,. Of what an authentic coin or bar sticks to a magnet ) and no 1903 CC ever. Of what an authentic coin or bar Next to the fonts: letters numbers!